When we homeschooled and I needed money

I would list a basket weaving class to the local homeschool forum….another time dh taught an online homeschool class on the 5 paragraph paper.. he sent out weekly lessons building on the paper and they submitted the papers to him for grading…one mom had an italian festivcacl at her home for 10.00 a kid with a craft, a bit of history and geography with a traditional meal to follow ( including how to twirl spaghetti with a fork and spoon) I gladly paid and the boys had a blast…

We homeschool types are always up for adventures… have a traditional middle ages meal complete with trenchers/ make shields with coat of arms… I utilize the local parks for these events….

One time my son even got in on it… 5.00 would get you a game of dodge ball and brownie and a drink…. he asked permission to use the locl gym and they said yes… very fun activity…
…just tossing ideas….

……..oh, and one year… we dug up iris rhisomes that were years old from the homestead… divided them… and got 3.00 each from them since the original flowers were well over 100 years old….
..think outside the box!

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