We are in good shape, and I am grateful

I have to QUIT FREAKING OUT. When DH came home with his severance, my head went, ok, there’s 3 1/2 months of living expenses. I have to remember that we are not far from month 2, so we’re about (ok, a little under) where I had tracked we’d be (although I thought UI would have kicked in way earlier…but that ship has sailed.)

Car note: $8900 give or take.

Phones: yeah, we had to go back on contract to get that rate. Just going to two pay as you go phone plans and everyone shared (1 for DH and 1 for the family) was going to cost us $80/month. I could have done one phone and a home phone from Walmart for $15, but it required internet service…which currently costs us more. In hind sight (always 20.20) I should have just gone down to 1 phone for DH, but it just wasn’t worth the battle at the time with him.

Heating & Electic: it’s also our hot water, but you are right, it will drop to about $40 a month, and electric will as well, not huge, but maybe I can get that one down to $60. Wish I had more solar stuff I will do laundry only with cold water this month and see how much of an impact that makes (seriously, just because I am actually curious.) We are south facing and live 4 miles from the beach and get gale force winds starting about 330pm daily, so we don’t have (or need) air conditioning.

Internet: yeah, I told DH an hour ago he’s going to have to look at cheaper options. That alone might motivate him more, lol. I don’t want to get into a contract with internet (right now we are month to month), although if I could find one like Malynda was talking about and pay like $70 worth up front (the same cost as I’m paying for 1 month but basically 6-7 months worth) I might do it.

Water & trash: It is: $20-30 for water depending on usage, $20 for trash, $40 for the privilege of living in Huntington Beach. I’m actually not kidding. I forget what it’s really called but it’s something I don’t use on a monthly basis (I think it’s actually for like emergency services or something like that.)

Car Insurance: yep. I’m going to have to call around. Remember that FIX IT TICKET I got a while back and forgot to go to court on which then cost me $993? Yeah, it jacked up my insurance rates, like close to double.

IRS: It’s ironic that they are the ONE GROUP which is actually willing to work with me. They already have noted that we are going to owe for 2012 as well, so I’ll never pay it off, but hey, 2013 we may qualify for EIC and that’ll pay it off in one fell swoop, lol.

Groceries: 0 because we have food storage and food stamps. I am grateful that we have both, and I already told DH we are using part of the FS allotment to build our FS back up (buying vegetables in bulk to can, meat to can etc.)

Garden: have some of it planted already, what is planted is doing pretty well (welcome to sunny CA). I hesitated really tearing up the yard until I knew for sure we would get UI to cover rent (because what was the point of planting a garden if we had to move end of June?) so I will get that done in earnest now.

Income: We had a reality check with the kids when DH got let go. (I told you HE wanted to tell the kids he was “on vacation” rather than tell them the truth? No kidding.) We decided then we would use his severance to pay for “1 fun thing” through the end of March, not costing more than $100 ea because I knew come April 1, we’d be in a world of hurt and they would have to give up a lot. DS17 did grad night ticket (he’s the only one in PS), DD16 chose ballet through March, DS13 chose Archery which ends this week.

DS17 has a part time job during baseball season which is paying for any and all of his Senior stuff. Only DH is going to DD22’s college graduation & AirForce commissioning, unless he gets a job before the first of May. That was kind of a hard one, but that’s just the way it is. I don’t even want to discuss it (but thank you for your warm thoughts.) DD16 has a pretty flexible college schedule so she is looking too.

The reality is I just have to kick up our income somehow. I appreciate the income generating ideas. I was thinking about starting up a homeschooling/tutoring thing (like, if you’ve always wanted to leave PS but have to work outside the home and you’re already paying for childcare….), but it’s unlikely anyone would start this close to the end of the school year.

Just hearing the pragmatic ideas helps 🙂

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