When we joined two and a half years ago we were just starting our own business after dh became unemployed… We have really buckled down and our business grew and despite some small ups and downs, we are comfortable and able to replace funds in a reasonable amount of time if Murphey calls… A month ago we decided to try and open another shoppe in our own town without having to travel the half hour to the old shoppe… and slowly bring customers to the new place…. the other reason for this was that we had heard that the place where our shoppe is was on the market…. the manager of the shoppes we rent from said they had signed a 3 year lease with the “new owners” and all was well…. but.. all was not well… all vendors have 30 days now to evacuate per the bank…. we were lied to….

This place advertised as a great place for new business start ups, it was a good traffic area…it had been in business for 4 years when we came on board… the other vendors are wonderful, we pay our rent on time, have potlucks etc….

I am very thankful we have the 2nd shoppe in the works… but getting the word out will take some cash flow… its like starting all over again….

….at least this time around we have an EF, and no debt…. at 55 years old… I am getting a bit old for all this excitement 🙂

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