Prepare for a rant! Run now if you don’t want to read a long post

Dh and I are seriously looking at leaving our bank of 36 years. I’ve posted various small rants about them over the last year, but the situation is getting worse. In November I posted about how we had to get “permission” to use our debit card to pay for repairs to our truck because they were over a certain limit. Plus dh had to do it between a specific time frame. I understand this is due to all the problems with identity theft, security and so forth. So that one incident wouldn’t be a game changer.
Then there was the inability to shop with amazon with the card during December. Again security.
Not being able to use the card in AZ was a hassle, security.
Once every two weeks I have to verify my email address or it won’t let me view the account online. Not a big problem, but annoying.
No check images on our statements—THIS is a problem as far as I am concerned. Oh they’ll call up an image for you, for a fee, and it’s so much per hour plus a per item fee.
$6 a month fee for this account.
NO places anywhere but an hour from me that will now take deposits, previously there was a wide range of places I could deposit, but those are now all gone. No mobile deposit, bank by mail is now at my expense when it was previously free.
I can’t order checks online without paying for them, but if I drive the hour to the bank and order them they are free.
I can no longer download into quicken—they cancelled that feature with no warning. When I called about it they said it was because Intuit charges too much.
Ds left them when he ordered meds from a company he’d paid numerous times before with the online feature and they did not tell him they no longer would accept debits from that company. He was in major withdrawal before we got that worked out and his meds delivered overnight—at our expense for the overnight fee.
NO atms other than an hour from me that I can withdraw from without a fee.
The list goes on and on. But their stunt this last week REALLY pisses me off. It was the proverbial straw. I get that they won’t let online payments go through on certain states, but a week ago Friday I paid my OKLAHOMA AAA with an electronic check through this bank. YESTERDAY I get a letter from AAA that our insurance is being canceled because the bank rejected our electronic check! I guarantee you there was more than sufficient money in the account. I paid it the day after payday and besides that I had put over $600 extra in the bank that week as well. The bill was only $183. I’ve checked my account balance and verified this.
They waited a week before rejecting it!!! I am angry. So I’m new bank hunting.
We, at all times, have three different banks, up until now they’ve all been small banks. We use one for our main account –the one I’m pissed at, that I pay all my bills out of, but they do not have free online bill pay or remote deposit.
2) Dh uses for his gas “envelope” and it is the one account we have that we can do online shopping in. I only put the fuel money and any online purchase money in it—for security reasons.
3) the travel account, it’s pretty obvious what that one is for. Only we ran into some troubles using the debit card out of state, so we are wondering about that account too. It is only used for when dh travels for business, or we go on vacation (what’s that?).
So if we get rid of #1 where do we go? If we choose another local bank or credit union we could have much the same problems. But to deal with a national bank like chase or boa really concerns us too. We’ve all read the way those banks are screwing the little guy. There are all their debit card fees and such.
HOWEVER, IF, all goes right, dh will retire within the next two years and we’ll start to travel, which means we need a debit card that will work in ALL states. I also need online bill pay, mobile deposit, free withdrawals, paperless statements, and fraud protection.
Dh is online now checking out Perk Street. The one thing I see possibly being a problem there is when reading their insurance coverage it says that pin transactions and atm withdrawals are not 100% covered under their Master Card coverage….that could be a biggie.
Sharon, have you read anything on this? I know you just signed up with Perk Street. Why did you choose them? Did you find any negatives to them while doing your research?
Has anyone had trouble using a debit card from one of the national banks while traveling?

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