Ok, you did GREAT in demanding a copy of your SIGNED contract

Until the provide it they have ZERO claim, Zero power. Make sure you stop the auto draft if you haven’t already. Simply tell the bank you are disputing their service. That is all you need to do with the bank. If the bank says they can’t do it or they want you to pay for stop payments, close the account and open a new one, plain and simple. If they can’t draft you they can’t get your money without your permission.
Once they come up with the actual contract, Look for ways they have broke contract with you. I have never heard of a pest control service that can just show up without an appointment. What if you had house guests? What if, like my family, you have family members SERIOUSLY allergic to the chemicals they are using. Ds and I both have to evacuate for a minimum of 2 days any time there is spraying done around our home. What about pets? Those chemicals could be harmful to them and you wouldn’t be prepared to take care of them. They can’t just show up and put your family, neighbors, friends and pets in peril.
What pests are they suppose to take care of? Are you still plagued by those pests? If so for how many months have they been spraying where there spray is obviously NOT working?
As for showing up on your doorstep and refusing to leave. That is legally called intimidation and it’s against the law. They try it again, tell them to wait right there. Lock your screen door, pick up your cell phone and say. “ I’m calling the police. You are trespassing, you are here without my authorization and I WILL have you arrested.” See how brave they are then.
If you don’t get a copy of the contract within a reasonable number of days send a certified letter that you are requesting proof of the contract, Give them something like 4-10 business days to get it to you. They are not to come near your home until you see proof of the contract.
Then once you get it and find all the ways they’ve broken contract send them a second certified letter notifying them of such and that because THEY have broken contract with you, their services are no longer required and you will NOT be paying them for the poor service they have performed to date.
OR better yet only send them one certified letter they have to sign for. If you do not get a copy of the contract by this time next week write them a letter stating that do to their refusal to provide you with a copy of the contract, their poor service and the fact they sent thugs to intimidate you their services are no longer needed NOR will you pay a cancelation fee on a contract that they obviously don’t feel obligated to produce. That since they have NOT been spraying properly you feel all the money you have already paid more than covers any chemical they MAY have used. That you did NOT request their people to “just drop by” at their leisure, thus putting you and yours at a health risk and therefore you are not responsible for their travel or time since they did NOT have an appointment. If you have a family member with asthma or allergies throw that in there too. Keep a copy of the letter and the receipt they signed for in your files forever and ever.
I mean what are they going to do? Take you to small claims? That would cost them more than it’s worth. Turn you over to a collection agency? Seriously are you truly worried about that with all the other drama you have going on in your life. Even if they do either one, you will have your copy of the letter and the receipt they signed for it as evidence that you had reason to cancel the service.
I’d also turn them in to the BBB locally.
I will admit this situation hits a nerve with me. A good friend went through this very same thing with a local company once and her bugs got WORSE instead of better. She finally told them to take a hike or she’d call the cops on them and that was the end of that.

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