NEED TO COOL OFF, take a breath, and come up with creative solutions

SO….that pain in the #### pest control company just sent people to my door, without an appointment, to perform services, and then refused to leave until I spoke with their home office.

That in and of itself pissed me off so much I can barely see straight.

They are standing firm on the “either we perform services ($99 every 3 months) or you pay the cancellation fee ($170).” I asked them to send me a copy of the contract (I have lost mine, not good I know.)

I just cannot believe they are being such jerks. Ok, that’s the end of my venting. Now I am looking for payback.

Like most pest control contracts, they are obligated to come out as many times in between normal servicing, until I am happy. I am thinking I will make them come out every two weeks. Given the exceptionally poor service they have provided to date, I am also thinking of filming them the entire time they are here to document what they do, and how much chemical they use, how they do/not handle nests, etc.

Their sole offer in response was for “me to pay $33 every month until the contract is fulfilled” (about 10 months from now.)

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