Last week was a busy one with dh and ds working a minor amount of overtime

while I worked on chasing the family tree. The yDNA break thru the family member had has let us shoot back so many generations it’s amazing and so I’ve been using the free to flesh the tree out as much as possible while I can. Documenting as much as I can. It’s on my calendar to be canceled this coming weekend before they hit my paypal account for it. After that I’ll try using some discs I have for 6 free months of genealogy library that I’ve had forever and not cashed in on.
Ds got his taxes filed and back before the sequester, so he’s a pretty happy camper (now that he has cleansed his mouth of the goose “mud.” LOL!)
Three hickory trees that were threatening to fall and do major damage are now cut up and ready to stack for using either in our smoker this summer or in the fireplace next winter.
We’re still working on the bank issue—they are getting a hot call today. Their “security” is getting too far out of hand. Dh and I agree we need a bank we can securely use all over the US and online and if the hometown bank can’t do that then it’s time to move on. We’ll miss the friendly service that 36 years of being a loyal customer has gotten us, but if you can’t even pay your bills with a bank what good is it?
Yesterday I did another blog book review update. This was a nonfiction with some fictional scenarios thrown in on prepping beyond the basics of buckets of grains and bales of toilet paper. It was a fairly interesting read.
Today the sun is shining and the temps are suppose to be back up in the mid 60’s. I plan on making four different batches of Friendship bread muffins today to send with the 15 bags of starter I’ll have by the end of the day to dh/ds office tomorrow. I’ll send recipes and a web link too.
More and more dh and I are talking about retirement. If you think I’m anxious to get back to traveling you should see him. He makes me look like a lightweight. He spent a good part of this weekend talking about how once the debts are gone and the FFEF is created that we are out of here for an undetermined amount of time, just drifting with the seasons. I told him I could be packed in 1 day or less if he has the money to pay for bad credit loans guaranteed approval. LOL! Realistically it will be at least another 2 years if nothing changes financially.
However, we are doing our working on figuring out exactly how much we will need for the FFEF once the debts are gone now. Medical insurance, taxes, auto insurance, home insurance, food, utilities, camping fees, burial savings, the list is long.
So here’s a thread of thought for this week. What do you think of when you are thinking of your needs for your fully funded emergency fund? What items do you list? How many months do you personally feel you need to put back for?

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