Month: December 2016

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My mortgage has been sold to GreenTree

I’ve never heard of them. I found 1049 complaints on Consumer Affair’s website. Anyone had dealings with them? Sounds like bad news to me. 5 years ago, I set my ING direct bill pay to pay Bank of America. Never skipped a beat. Ever. Now Capital One is sending payments to GreenTree. This can’t go well!

I have several bills that are

old and I am not even sure what they are and we have moved several times. Do you go by what is on the credit reports? Do you take accounts from all three? Is there another way? I am a little surprised because when I added everything up except for Student Loans I am only have about 15K in debt. I was thinking it was so much more.

I believe KL says to “wake the dragon, one bill at a time”

In other words, don’t disturb those dormant old debts until you’re in a position to pay for them right then and there. By the time you’re ready to deal with them, they are equally as ready to settle at a percentage of the original debt and you should get in writing that settlement agreement, and mail off payment to them in exchange.
I would start looking for them on your credit report, and once you wake up one, the others will soon follow in locating you, but by that time you should be ready to deal with them quickly.